According to the Metro (that dumb propaganda, simpleton shit they give away on buses and trains because nobody in there right mind would buy it) A Muslim man has built an 85ft Christmas tree in Baghdad to show Christians they are welcome. Read the mind numbing article from the mind numbing Metro here:

Trouble is Catholics nor Christmas have any thing to do with Christianity or Jesus Christ who’s real name was Yeshua!

Catholicity is a form of Paganism! It hides behind Christianity and Jesus.¬†The Pope recently even spoke of the “God of money”¬†Capitalism is ‚ÄúTerrorism Against All of Humanity‚ÄĚ he also claimed! For once I agree with him only trouble is the Pope and the Vatican Bank has about $8 billion in assets!¬†According to Georgetown University, the average weekly donation of an American Catholic to the church is $10. There are 85 million in North America, meaning each week the Catholic Church pulls in $850m through donations from individual Catholics in North America alone. So the Pope claiming he hates money is like Willy Wonka claiming to hate chocolate.

What do they do with this money? Do they sell everything and give it to the poor as Yeshua AKA Jesus Christ requested? Or do they buy solid gold chairs to give speeches about poverty in?

Not very Christian of them. The Catholic religion was started by Pagans and still follows many Pagan rituals and events including Christmas and Easter. Whats more these Rituals and events are the exact opposite to what Yeshua preached.

I believe all mainstream religions are full of truth but also corrupted by Paganism and maybe Paganism has been corrupted by Satanism. Some people believe Human sacrifice is a thing of the past yet stats show that more than 20000 children die everyday through lack of food or basic medication! Could that be apart of human sacrifice?

To dismiss facts like these as unpreventable is not only wrong but also ignorant, of coarse its preventable. If we can spend billions of tax payers building up and funding ISIS, ISIL, Al qaeda and others and then spend billions more fighting them, than I we could easily help and feed people that need food.

Christianity is not perfect as a religion but in the defense of Christianity most of the massacres and wars they are blamed for (not all) were committed by Catholics! And Catholics are as Pagan as Constantine.

I went to a Catholic school and I was brainwashed by these religious extremists systematically. I live in a nice posh town (in a council house) I walk through town today¬†and the town is full of people singing songs about Jesus, I can not help but think most these people are hypocritical, deluded snobs! If you really believe in God and Jesus than prove it, live life as he instructed you to live it. Don’t sing about him every weekend and throw your spare change¬†at the church and trick yourself into believing you are Christian. Poor¬†people don’t need your spare change they need real change!

I believe that we as a species have choose the Devils way of life and now we live in the Devils world. On Google News (the real news btw) Santa Claus is a top story today!