This should be investigated…….Titus Frost has had the video removed from his channel after receiving 500000 views….

This is the Titus Frost Documentary on #Pizzagate. There has been a direct backlash and denial coming from the mainstream media who have at last been completely discredited as they have known for a long time. Joe Scarborough of MSNBC admitting to hearing about the Epstein Clinton connection for over a year and a half without so much as being tempted to investigate to report…….this description will be updated with many links.

Disclaimer: we are merely reporting on what peoples findings are. The 1st Amendment is our rock, and we will stand upon it to disseminate information to the public, allowing the public, and the court of public opinion to decide what to believe. There is much evidence that backs up this investigation. For anyone to dismiss any of it without directly refuting points with articulable facts of their own, and only give critical and or ad hominem attacks, they merely use the CIA created “Conspiracy Theory” ttactic to silence critical thinking and open debate.

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