Recently I have written a fair few blogs exposing a corrupt rip off charity that calls itself the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs or NFYFC or as I prefer the Over Privileged Federation of spoiled pricks!!! This charity takes people aged from 12 to 26 on day trips and occasionally raises money for “good causes.”

These blogs have angered past members of Young Farmers and current members! I have been informed that one of them even read it out at a Young Farmers meeting! Thanks reading don’t forget to share…..

These blogs actually led to Young Farmers reporting me to the police! Thank you for sharing its very much appreciated, I bet the police had a laugh reading it. These blogs also led to me threatened with guns! Don’t mess with Young Farmers they have guns I was informed. HAHAHA. I bet they failed to mention that part to the police, should I press charges? That actually carries up to a five year prison sentence TOSSERS and I have not threatened anyone. They have guns but no balls, I’m from Wolves and Wolves is a place where people have guns and knives and they use them for activities that does not include the shooting and skinning of animals. So if young farmers think I am going to be scared of lazy threats from Over Privileged Pricks like them they are wrong!

The manner in which they make their threats is like everything else they do pussified! They don’t contact me (my phone number is on this website and there is a comments section) they say it to a 16 year old that is misguided enough to throw their money at these parasites, who then reluctantly informs me of their threats.

Read carefully DICKHEADS I know who you are!!! I have pictures from your Facebook accounts!!! And if you threaten me or pick on any 16 year old and I hear of it again I will get the images I have of your ugly fuckin faces and I will strategically place them all over my site along with the shit that you have been saying and then I will share it with anonymous groups all over FB! Facebook hate me so I will also use Steemit.

If you phone the police again I will report you for making threats to shoot me, understand?

If you would like to prove me wrong about the fact that you are a corrupt money grabbing charity than STFU and show us your books.  How much of your massive profit goes towards real charitable causes? You’re charging £20 per month membership and then £22 for a Christmas meal, how much of that goes to the fat cats that own the “charity”??

As for young farmers lame attempts of mocking me, WTF? I have over 26000 subscribers and nearly 18 million YouTube views on just one of my channels! Not videos of me falling over, badly singing or using my kids or pets for views. But videos talking about shit that is way to deep for your tiny little minds to comprehend.

Whereas young farmers have to pay for friends, so fuck you LOSERS.

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