Do you remember when skeptics of the Illuminati used to ask, if the Illuminati are real why do they allow your videos or blogs to be viewed millions of times on their services? Well they don’t anymore!

YouTube is now CorporateTube full of mainstream scraps of shitty chat show clips, Facebook is now hiding what they call “fake” news and the Internet is quickly changing in to something different.

It is becoming another bullshit propaganda machine. This year (2016) Google have been truly exposed, they are trying to destroy YouTube and doing a brilliant job unfortunately. YouTube channels that helped create YouTube and make it what it is are now being replaced by clips from shit chats shows. I rarely watch that shit so why do YouTube keep recommending it to me?

Because Google have made YouTube more suitable for corporations than people, this is a blatant attack on our freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of expression and freedom of speech are hated by Google and the establishment. Why?

I believe that we were winning the argument so easy that all they have left is to try to shut us up. The reason we were winning the argument is because they don’t have an argument! There is never a justification for mass murder of innocent civilians, there is no justification for obscene greed and there is no justification for extreme poverty.

The image below shows that YouTube are stopping me from commenting on my own videos!  

New video online for 50 minutes only received one view! I have over 26000 subscribers. THIS IS POLITICAL CENSORSHIP

Every time I upload I INSTANTLY lose subscribers.

YouTube is now CorporateTube…


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