Recently I have had the brilliant pleasure of learning about Young Farmers a parasitic rip off that uses the word charity to justify ripping off middle class kids and idiots mainly.

The age to join Young Farmers is 12 to 26, yes young farmers take out dickheads that are stupid enough to hand other their parents money in most cases aged up to 26 years old on day trips. What’s wrong with that I hear you ask again? As explained in previous blogs youth schemes in cities and surrounding areas are shut down yet these in most cases middle class kids are given discounts, free trips and other luxuries in the name of charity.

I know some people that are stupid enough to throw their money at these parasites and these people inform me that Craven Arms young farmers are taking under 18s to pubs! It’s all good and legal for over 18s but what about the under 18s that are also allowed to follow, WTF? What kind of idiotic mentality do Young Farmers think they are passing? If you are going to accept members as young as 12 then cater for that and avoid pubs.  I don’t grass or tell tales on anyone but these parasites reported me to the police and threatened me with guns so I will report these parasites to the people.

This “charity” and by charity I mean corporate sponsored rip off that does nothing charitable at all to what I can see (other than a nude charity calender) are charging £20 membership and then taking kids to pubs with no permission from parents.

This sort of a charity is a piss take in my humble opinion, its a mockery of the word charity.

This charity is also charging £22 per head for a Christmas dinner, I suppose it’s worth if you’re eating a famous turkey or pheasant or whatever these toff’s eat.

Charity is now just another word for business nowadays, this “charity” was started by Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe (15 July 1865 – 14 August 1922) he was a British newspaper and publishing magnate he was the owner of the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror! Need I say anymore.

Started by an over privileged snob for over privileged snobs and idiots with more money than sense.

They’re are also multiple instances reported by the media of drunken young farmers causing trouble, thats why young people should not be encouraged to drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol. It makes them stupid. If kids in the city were to commit some of the crimes committed by Young farmers they would be looking at prison unfortunately our society has different rules and standards for different classes of people.

This charity known as NFYFC is shocking at times below are pictures from Bedfordshire’s Young Farmers “Charity” calendar. You know you can keep your clothes on when raising money for “charity” you parasitic WEIRDOS.


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