Blogger locked up for blogging!!!

The Daily mail headline reads

Anti-Semitic blogger who launched a hate campaign calling a Jewish Labour MP a ‘rodent’ and an ‘evil money-grabber’ is guilty of racial harassment

  • Joshua Bonehill-Paine wrote five hate-filled blogs about MP Luciana Berger
  • It came after his fellow far-right extremist Garron Helm was jailed in 2014
  • Bonehill-Paine from Yeovil found guilty of racially-aggravated harassment
  • He called MP ‘an evil money-grabber’ with a ‘deep-rooted hatred of men’
  • Ms Berger said the verdict demonstrated that ‘those who perpetrate these horrific crimes online can and will be brought to justice’

Joshua Bonehill-Paine was sentenced for two years for writing five blogs on Labour MP Luciana Berger! In these blogs that I have not read he called her “Jewish scum” and as pointed out in the Daily Mail (the newspaper that famously compared immigrants to rats in a racist rant not so long back) he compared her to a rodent!

I have not read the so called hate filled, far right, blogs or any blog he has ever write but how can somebody be locked up for speaking their mind? He might be racist (like most of our media) but surely if he is that stupid most people are going to recognize the stupidity in him and completely dismiss what he writes anyway (like we do when we read the Daily Mail.)

If Joshua Bonehill-Paine get’s two years than the Daily Mail editors and writers should be looking at life. The Daily Mail along with much of our mainstream media are racist, intolerant, paid puppets unlike most bloggers, they also reach millions of people daily unlike most bloggers. My point is the daily Mail and the rest of the corporate media (none of whom seem to be questioning the harsh sentence obviously) are spreading more hate, fear and unrest than one blogger.

When our media are propagating wars they do it by channellings hate in their readers, they use racism and claim supremacy to whoever they are attacking, so how can Joshua Bonehill-Paine be jailed without the corporate media following him? Giving evidence, Ms Berger said she ‘felt sick’ at the blogs and ‘very much under attack’. I wonder if she feels as much under attack as the Syrian families she voted to massacre? If he threatened her with violence than that would probably be different but consider this; Labour MP Luciana Berger voted in favour of the Syrian strikes in December last year! So she is violent and racist as well!

If we are going to punish racism and hate Luciana Berger should also be in prison.

FREE Joshua Bonehill-Paine…Lock up the racist, war mongering politicians.  

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