I have spoke to many people in many walks of life about politics, I end up arguing everywhere I go and some people are offended by my views, but not all! What I find really interesting is the type of people that get offended the most are the middle classes or sometimes even working classes. They get defensive and sometimes they even take my opinions as a personal attack on them! Why? I believe they know whats happening and they subliminally choose willing ignorance mainly due to the fact the system feeds, it makes them fat and greedy, it turns them in to ignorant pigs.

They side with the oppressors because they believe the oppressors are stronger, which they are financially they own everything! But people power beats money and the poor outnumber the rich massively if the poor choose to play up the rich would soon realize that their money means nothing. The poor have to recognize who the real enemy is; it is not Islam, communism or even extremism it’s the establishment.

The establishment and their puppets in the media and government are the real terrorists, extremists and lunatics.


I have also spoke about politics to many poor people, real people, people that don’t have shit. These people recognize the real political problems that Britain faces. Why is that? Obviously it’s because these people have nothing and the corruption and unfairness of the system has an impact on their lives, in my experience homeless people are actually more politically knowledgeable than the middle classes in most cases!

The establishment and the poorer classes should consider this fact, a war that kills the establishment is actually more profitable and cheaper than any war we could fight in the middle east or anywhere else! We could take their mansions, estates and open them as huge homeless shelters and take there money are redistribute among the poor we would all be rich! The number of people that would have to be murdered is tiny compared to our governments plan of acting like puppets to these people and fighting wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and where ever else they decide.

She may be a higher class than most but fucking hell she is ugly, inside and outside.