Liveleak reject yet another WOLVOMAN80 video this time claiming/assuming I do not own the copyright to the video. They sent me this message.

From: System
Nov-29-2016 09:37:37
Item ‘HATER – WOLVOMAN80’ deleted!
One of our moderators has deleted item: HATER – WOLVOMAN80
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It seems to me that Liveleak allow sick disgusting videos of horrific injuries and sometimes even death but censor political video and music. The Internet and Internet freedom is being destroyed in order to protect the establishment. Fuck the establishment save freedom and the people.
Video removed

Below is a list of other WOLVOMAN80 videos that LiveLeak have rejected. A couple of these were for legitimate reasons (I put a link to my site in description not allowed on liveleak) but most are either completely unexplained or false copyright claims.