Having children is brilliant but it comes with a terrible downside, that downside is Kids TV! My kids like Ben and Holly’s Kingdom and Peppa Pig, as I watch this shit with them (usually doing something on my computer) I can not help but notice thought control. Kings, Queens and princesses are portrayed so positively by children’s TV. Ben and Holly’s Kingdom is full of ROYAL PROPAGANDA and sometimes so is Peppa Pig. It’s not just British Kids TV either, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is always talking of “Princes and Princesses” and in all these shows they show people bowing down to Royalty. I think that maybe the makers of these Kids TV shows should allow the parents to educate our own children on such issues. You might want to teach your children to bow down to parasites and greedy rich people but some people (like me) do not.

I have kids so I have unwillingly and resentfully watched a lot of Kids TV and Kids Movies and Royalty is nearly always the main theme of a Kids Movie, especially a Walt Disney one. Frozen, Cinderella, Lion King, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, the Little Mermaid so many, many more are about royalty. These movies always portray royalty positively and as people for children to look up to and their opponents as evil and greedy, these movies are probably a child’s first look at royalty and its a pretty biased look at it. This is done the name of harmless fun, they claim to be feeding children’s imagination but all I see is “conform children, look at the pretty princess and her man, do not question authority children it is not your place and you are not a princess so bow down”

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