You are about to hear the dark thoughts of a dangerous extremist, a man that openly has sympathy for terrorists, a man urgently needs to see a therapist because everything I see I’m disagreeing with, is them or me, am I really seeing this? Do I exist physically or am I just dreaming this? Extreme poverty and small minded racists, talk of world war 3 and angry Jihadists, Illuminati, and powerful Zionists. Is this reality? Or can I escape the Matrix.
There was a time I believed the lies that school presented me with, they had my mind until I analysed and smelled their bullshit.
We believe that school makes us smart it’s a myth it makes us the same, trying to fit in and be a part of a group is the game, carefully programed to shallow and vain would happily sell their souls for fortune and fame.
They make us close minded we think we already know, the teacher told us that when I was 8 years old.
Wake up the teacher fuckin lies, why does that come as such a surprise? Obey and memorize? Fuck that just open your eyes. Disobey, Destroy and rise, silence is their only disguise to take us all on would not be wise because they would end up brutalized.
What I say upsets a few, but I don’t give a fuck in fact fuck you, send your threats over the internet, phone the police again and don’t forget to bring your guns you fuckin pricks the only you shoot at is harmless rabbits.
I fight the machine that controls your tiny mind, you defend it while it’s fuckin you from behind, its making you stupid, co dependant and useless, you’re fucking deluded is what I’ve concluded.
I’m not even sure if I should waste my breath, I could be talking about this shit until my fuckin death but realistically I could not care less what you think of me I’m not here to impress.
YouTube goes in to panic stations when I upload something new statistical manipulations they will protect you, from what they don’t want you to see anything real and true, just stay fast asleep and watch what YouTube recommend for you.
Corporate dumbed down shit, One direction and Zayn Malik, Nikki Manjah and little mix over paid talentless pricks, so mainstream and so fuckin shit, consume and submit conform and admit defeat to the hypocrites.
Fuck that lets fight, for the world and for the rights of the oppressed let’s unite against these giant parasites.
Many people hate the things I say and Google are refusing to pay, for the seven years’ work that I have done, but fuck them I’m having too much fun and the damage is already done.
This world is run by psychotic gangsters, insanely greedy Rothschild bankers, warmongering, power hungry wankers, they think they have a right to be our masters but all I see them as is mankind’s cancer.

3:46 In the crowd you stand like sheep..

Here I stand alone in the Dark
In the distance I hear the Hellhounds bark
They are coming to collect and devour the souls
Of the evil ones and those
That did not attempt to stand in their way
There more to existence then just here today
I can smell burning hell fire
For those that hate the truth and love the liar
That’s just because you have a weak mind
You’re eyes work but you choose to be blind
When you find yourself trapped in the deepest layer of hell
And when you shout, beg and scream for help
Make sure you don’t forget to ask yourself
What did you do when you heard the desperate plead?
Did you help or just turn the other way and leave them in the streets to die and bleed.
And carry on your life of willing ignorance
The weekends here it’s time to get drunk and dance
I hope that you have a lovely time as Satan smiles and thinks their souls are mine.

In the crowd you stand like sheep
So shallow and this shit is so deep
Selfish, pathetic and fast asleep
Lame, scared and fucking weak

This is a world that is full of sin
In this world sin will make you win
You should ask yourself why would that be the case
You should ask yourself what the fuck is this place
From which there is no escape
It’s turning into a giant rat race
Wake up can’t you fuckin tell, somehow we ended up in hell.

In this world the evil rule
They are greedy, barbaric, insane and cruel
Followed and supported by many a fool
Because they brainwash us when we’re at school
They might have your mind if so that’s fine
They might have your trust but they haven’t got mine
I can’t trust people that I have heard lying
Not just once but time after time.
I stand with the powerless and fight the powerful
You’re dumb you’re fuckin stupid and so gullible
You stand with the powerful and oppress the powerless
And to be around you right now is making me fuckin depressed
In the crowd you stand like sheep
So shallow and this shit is so deep
Selfish, pathetic and fast asleep
Lame, scared and fucking weak

Some people would sell their soul and ass
Just for a chance to be rich and famous
But that shit is not for me, I trust in god and no one else you see
For my life of sin I will be forgiven I believe that Yeshua risen from dead to save us all as long as we ask and show remorse.
I have demons that follow me given half a chance they would swallow me and take me down deeper into hell that’s why every day I ask for Gods help.
To beat these Demons and lead me away from sin and with Gods help I know I will win.
That’s why I face my demons and look them in their eye; I look in the mirror and shout demons die. Leave me alone I don’t need this shit go back down to your bottomless pit.
Ignorance is the demon that possesses too many causing selfishness, narcissism and apathy, the only thing you care about is fucking yourself, you justify by claiming you don’t believe in hell. I think you should take a look at earth, look at the people that your system has cursed, children are dying through hunger and thirst I wouldn’t want to be in hell if hell worse.
But still In the crowd you stand like sheep
So shallow and this shit is so deep
Selfish, pathetic and fast asleep
Lame, scared and fucking weak

8:46 When you were waiting for Father Christmas to come.

When you were waiting for Father Christmas to come and bring you lots of presents for you to have lots of fun
Somewhere else in world the children had none, somewhere in world the children’s hope had gone somewhere in the world another war begun somewhere in the world your government drops another bomb
When you were waiting for Father Christmas to fly and leave you your presents as he flies by, you leave him his drink and his mince pie meanwhile your government choose that some people that should die and bombs not presents will fall from their sky
They’re telling us we shouldn’t care and that we shouldn’t sigh they’re just terrorists they say but they constantly lie, the truth they are people too just like you and I and they still cry when their family die

But even worse than that is it will create real terrorists and real hate for the British government this would great it will start another war and seal many peoples fate but they don’t give a fuck they got money to make.

I can’t stand their hypocrisy their violence and mentality their double standards and lies as they attempt to justify mass murder for profit they talk nothing but bullshit, the argument they lost it so they begin censorship and hope you won’t notice.
The way I see this is we expect this from greedy governments; they’ve always been same twisted evil slit eyed serpents. They have never gave a fuck about anything but power and money, read a history book if you don’t believe me.
But you the people are a fucking disgrace, you feed from their lies well stuff your fat face. Your hypnotized in a fucking rat race, you only look at what’s right in front of your face.
People are dying all over the place, but you only notice when they’re the same race, because your racist pricks and you don’t give a shit, cocky white dicks I hope you hate this shit.
I don’t do this shit for you, well in a way I do but not please but to annoy and tease, because your hate and ignorance is like fuckin disease.
That you infested upon earth you are the poor people’s curse but you just shrug your shoulders and say Islam is worse.
Is it fuck wake the fuck up looks at the stats research the facts instead of believing lying fat cats.
Keep in mind that lies are flexible they can be designed to make you feel comfortable, the truth is the truth only one truth is real and unlike lies the truth is tougher than steel.
It can’t be bent no matter how it makes you feel it can’t be changed and it will be revealed.

13:36 Turn to Yeshua for salvation

The Internet was once a place of fast flowing information, the information used to race from nation to nation, in front of the face of many in the population social media was a place full political conversation, our government were disgraced and a victim of infiltration.

YouTubers were exposing their greed and corruption until they begin full blown government friendly manipulation, they hide and censor what they don’t want you to see and they the use bullshit excuse it’s to protect you and me but some of want the truth not and false security.

What makes me laugh is we are hated for that they look at us like we’re mad when we ask for the facts, they’re attitude is fuck that I’m alright Jack. The system works for me with my huge house in the country when I look out my window I don’t see no poverty.

Some use the internet to watch porn all day or spend hours on social media as their life slips away, some use it to watch TV or play Some of us it to feed our brain, I research facts that would make the average person insane, most can’t even bare to look and some just don’t give a fuck but Britain’s worst criminals are drinking champagne.

Paid for on their expenses its some to get off your fences because this is a system that’ has been corrupted and it can’t be maintained.

The poor outnumber the rich and being rich turns you into a bitch, there’s too much choose from, nice shiny shoes, but your walking around in a fucking snooze scared as fuck you got too much to lose, you don’t want to listen to any other views, from others perspectives except mainstream news, it makes you feel comfortable that’s why you refuse, to look at the big picture that’s why you choose to believe the bullshit that the mainstream spews.

You should look at the shit that is being reported, they’re promoting the royals and foreigners are being deported, they got money for war but the NHS has shortage this is kind of shit that is being supported.

Here’s Kim Kardashian’s ass, and ads to help spend your cash they don’t attack corrupt politicians its people on welfare they harass.

Celebrity gossip, war mongering propaganda aimed at the stupid, racist slander, lies and bullshit a hate extravaganza, sex and tits an attack on Ganja, football and sport big brother, X factor, fashion tips what’s in I wonder? Government support another crafty back hander usually written be an over paid puppet wanker.
Win a holiday get away for a week or get half price deal now it’s off peak, live the dream yeah be fast asleep.

The Sun removes tits from page three, it wasn’t the tits that were offending me, the lies, propaganda and vicious racism will still be it that I guarantee.
The Sun are bunch a fuckin hypocrite’s, they talk complete mind numbing racist shit, who the fuck is buying this it, why does still exist?

And don’t think you’re smarter because your reading the Times it’s owned by the same people they’re still controlling your minds.
You’re still a part of their herd; they’re just being a little less absurd and using slightly bigger words but real problems are still going unheard.

They’re too busy trying to sell you another war; that has no benefit for the masses to all, they’re self-centred, crazy, psychotic pigs they’re consuming earth and getting to big man I can’t wait for Babylon to fall.

We are now approaching a fucked up age, politics is now known to be blatantly staged, and we living inside an invisible cage frustration is turning in to rage.

This is the age of secret operations, secret societies and wars to thieve from poorer nations, smartphones, lap tops and Virtual reality, Playstations, tax evasion corrupt corporations, hands out for the rich corrupt charity organizations, cover ups and government investigations, extreme poverty and starvation, red tape lots of regulations, extremism, terrorism and radicalization they’re trying to push forced vaccinations despite many deaths and complications then they will want a microchipped population as predicted in the book of revelation turn to Yeshua for salvation.


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