You are about to hear the dark thoughts of a dangerous extremist, a man that openly has sympathy for terrorists, a man urgently needs to see a therapist because everything I see I’m disagreeing with, is them or me, am I really seeing this? Do I exist physically or am I just dreaming this? Extreme poverty and small minded racists, talk of world war 3 and angry Jihadists, Illuminati, and powerful Zionists. Is this reality? Or can I escape the Matrix.
There was a time I believed the lies that school presented me with, they had my mind until I analysed and smelled their bullshit.
We believe that school makes us smart it’s a myth it makes us the same, trying to fit in and be a part of a group is the game, carefully programed to shallow and vain would happily sell their souls for fortune and fame.
They make us close minded we think we already know, the teacher told us that when I was 8 years old.
Wake up the teacher fuckin lies, why does that come as such a surprise? Obey and memorize? Fuck that just open your eyes. Disobey, Destroy and rise, silence is their only disguise to take us all on would not be wise because they would end up brutalized.
What I say upsets a few, but I don’t give a fuck in fact fuck you, send your threats over the internet, phone the police again and don’t forget to bring your guns you fuckin pricks the only you shoot at is harmless rabbits.
I fight the machine that controls your tiny mind, you defend it while it’s fuckin you from behind, its making you stupid, co dependant and useless, you’re fucking deluded is what I’ve concluded.
I’m not even sure if I should waste my breath, I could be talking about this shit until my fuckin death but realistically I could not care less what you think of me I’m not here to impress.
YouTube goes in to panic stations when I upload something new statistical manipulations they will protect you, from what they don’t want you to see anything real and true, just stay fast asleep and watch what YouTube recommend for you.
Corporate dumbed down shit, One direction and Zayn Malik, Nikki Manjah and little mix over paid talentless pricks, so mainstream and so fuckin shit, consume and submit conform and admit defeat to the hypocrites.
Fuck that lets fight, for the world and for the rights of the oppressed let’s unite against these giant parasites.
Many people hate the things I say and Google are refusing to pay, for the seven years’ work that I have done, but fuck them I’m having too much fun and the damage is already done.
This world is run by psychotic gangsters, insanely greedy Rothschild bankers, warmongering, power hungry wankers, they think they have a right to be our masters but all I see them as is mankind’s cancer.