When I started designing my first website a few years ago I received a helping hand from an Australian Hosting Company, they allowed free hosting and advice because the owner of the hosting company liked what I do, I was advised to drop a few ads on the site and make some money. The website was cyber attacked and taken down by a Department of work and pensions office.

When I started my own site I placed a few ads in there, it will at least cover the cost of running the site I thought. After trying tons of advertising companies I decide the only real option is Google Adsense, other companies have ads that slow down the site, take to much space or just generally pissed me off, I hate adverts, I hate Google but unfortunately after searching for days I come to the conclusion its Google Adsense or nothing.

I don’t care much for money but I have kids and I am pressured in to making money out of this shit, so I place the ads from Adsense on my site. At least it will cover the cost of my hosting company I think to myself. Except Adsense is a fucking rip off, the only people that seem to get paid is Google, I was picking up crumbs that fall from their fat mouth.

Thats why I thought FUCK GOOGLE (again) they rip me off on YouTube, I am not going to let me rip me off on here. Now the only link Google have to this site is a long list of blogs exposing, insulting and ridiculing them.

Google, Facebook, Twitter (who the fuck still uses twitter) are just diseases the Internet suffers from, we need something that kills parasites on contact without hurting the rest of us. FUCK GOOGLE ADSENSE and everything Google do.

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