YouTube have been employing oppressive tactics since Google took over near enough but lately they have got even worse. At one stage YouTube were literally punishing me for uploading videos! Every time I would upload anything I would lose 10, 20, 30 subscribers instantly! I believe they were trying to put people off uploading certain types of videos (videos that expose their puppet masters of course.) But the last few weeks Google are feeling no way in removing subscribers for nothing other than the fact they hate freedom.

The few days my website has received hundreds of new sign ups yet my YouTube channel has not made many subscribers. In fact it makes a few than loses a few over and over. Its like Google have finally conceded defeat, the only way to beat us is to prove us right? We are free to think what we have been told to think, we are free to say what we want as long as nobody is offended.

The trouble is just because you are offended does not make you right.