I’m starting to I hate this fake place, fake people in my face
Invading my space with their ignorance and hate
They love to talk shit, lie and gossip
They follow their fake friends and the all lame trends
It’s a selfish society, of selfies and money
Narcissistic and greedy, corporate logos and slavery
That’s capitalism for you, so what the fuck should we do?
They say it will not change and what I find strange
Is that shit would be true if we all thought like you
Desperate and scared and pleased to be spared
It’s time to use your mind to think instead of destroying it with TV and drink
Because the lives that we led, of self-obsession and greed is destroying the planet and it leaves people in need
For most his shit gets to deep and it’s easier to stay asleep.

This world is so fake people claim to be awake
Yet their sitting in Starbucks sharing selfies on Facebook
They read corporate media despite the fact they feedin ya
Racist hate spreading bullshit but we still act on it, somehow they believe when they sit and read it
The people that notice that this is all bullshit are dismissed as mentally ill conspiracy theorists
Yet everywhere we look that it’s the same opinions we see on radio in newspapers and all over TV
They believe they should be the only ones that you are allowed to listen too they will tell you what to think they will tell you what to do.
Go to school yeah take a seat now listen obey and repeat
Get a job, pay your taxes
Get a wife and have your own kids
Say goodbye and kiss them before you hand them to the system.

We live a nation that lives on the exploitation of foreign people yet we hate immigration
People pay the price for our greed as we thieve our media spread hate, propaganda and deceive but still we are so fast to read it and believe.
We should ask who is telling us these so called facts you automatically believe.


You calling me lazy? Because I don’t run around like I’m crazy, In order for suited rich thieves to pay me
Instead I fight every day and every night for something that I firmly believe is right this shit I write when I’m high as a kite and I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like.

I fight a system that uses us as its slaves, that demoralizes and degrades and the only people that get paid is the rich as we get played, exploited and enslaved.
I fight a government that can afford to pay for war and more prisons than ever before but can’t afford to look after the sick or feed the fuckin poor

They tell me I am losing the fight, it’s a waste of my life I should forget about it, and do what is right. And be just like you? And do what you do? Fuck that no disrespect but I would rather be dead
So fuck it I will fight you instead! Spoiled rich white boys and girls that have never even seen the real world but you still think that you it all, be real you know fuck all.

I know it’s not your fault that you’re born into to a society so fake but don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that makes it OK to be ignorant and fake.
This rich white country folk have no idea what it’s like to be broke or live in poverty it’s something you don’t see in your posh upper-class conservative constituency.
Don’t put your faith in politicians don’t take part in their schemes and plans they don’t care and don’t listen unless you got cash to put in their hands
They try to shut me up remove videos and mess me round, they banned me Facebook they’re trying to shut us down but they fail because look we are still around. Less views than before and the mainstream still ignore but hiding in there system and order is a major flaw

People that won’t conform to what they tellin us is the norm people that stand together and stick their figures up to Conservative hypocrite pricks that think they better than the rest of us because they were rich
We got opinions that should not be expressed our ideas are censored and oppressed but we can still be a fucking pest like a wasp inside a dragons nest or a giants vest we can piss them off and do our best to never let them truly rest

It’s starting to feel like it’s the world vs me and I’m getting tired of fighting against stupidity, willing Ignorance and naivety, the blind following the blind in perfect unity. We are living in a nation of lies and hypocrisy why are they covering up their eyes when the truth is there to see? It’s up to you what you do with your time but don’t call me crazy when all you see of the world is the screen to your TV.


We live in a world where you can be too smart for own good, what the fuck? Have you ever stopped and asked why the fuck is that?
I have, and I come to this conclusion all that we see is merely an illusion, all we believe is other people’s delusions all we read adds to the confusion it’s all lies, and there is only one solution to recognize it’s all a fantasy, when you open your eyes the first thing you will see and realize that all they offer is essentially is a life of lies, ignorance and conformity.
Fake fast food to eat, chemically preserved and processed meat let’s be honest it’s fuckin disgusting no wonder it’s cheap.
We live in the age of information super-fast broadband and technological acceleration, controlled by money and the corporation, made be slaves that live in desperation.

Fake money, Fake politicians, Fake democracy and Fake religions.
Fake women with fake tits, fake asses and fake lips,
Fake friends and lots of fake smiles, dressed in the latest style but they are so two faced and not so loyal, selfish and fuckin spoiled.

Fake corporate controlled music they use puppets to sell it to kids like Justin Bieber Rhianna and that little prick Zayn Malik.
They’re all the fucking same their music is boring and tame there must be something better because this shit is so fucking lame.
The biggest illusion there is of course is politics it don’t take years of studying it to see politicians are usually full of shit
Theresa May for example is a fascist bitch taking from the poor and handing to the rich, and she has not even been elected yet her government are using internet censorship in a pathetic attempt to cover up the fact they’re full of shit
But what I find funny as fuck is, look at it I’m just a stoned prick that’s got the time and will to do this shit, and the government actually pay me for it, they literally pay me for taking the piss they top my money up on in work benefit, I made a fuckin business from this shit despite their unfair political censorship .

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