I know a lot of people are having problems with Facebook but call me paranoid but ever since I called Mark Zuckerberg a smelly breathed looking inbreed weakling on a YouTube video and a blog Facebook seem to be desperate to stop me using it.

Don’t believe me, look at this, Mark Zuckerberg’s (an inbreed puppet to the establishment) Facebook asked me to confirm my identity by naming friends.


Why that looks like three completely different people Mark you ugly Zionist supporting Dick.


That’s Walter White and some very impressive art of two people I don’t recognize Mark you disgusting parasite


It’s that girl I meet on Tuesday in Cartoon land Mark you Genocide supporting weakling


That appears to be the most ridiculous question anybody has ever asked me Mark you socially inadequate freak you make Dr Evil look normal.


The I.D I sent them was not good enough I sent a tax letter and a bank statement!


This appears to be a greedy, ugly tool of the establishment, corporations, Israeli, U.S and British government. He oppresses peace and promotes genocide with his friends in the mainstream media who he pay to portray him in a positive light. A truly disgusting parasite of a human being!

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