A few years ago I had a Facebook page that had thousands of likes from people all over the world, until Facebook was made in to a useless waste of space. A post of mine was struggling to reach 10 people. I closed the account and Facebook will would not allow me to reopen it so I thought Fuck it who needs Facebook anyway?

In the last few weeks I have decided to sell DVDs online, I decided that Facebook (as much as I hate it) is a good place to start. I open a new account and send a blast of emails to followers of me on Google plus. I’m using this account to sell and advertise so I add anybody I can, Facebook send me a warning telling me “they do not recommend doing this!” But I trust people more than I trust Facebook and I carry on regardless!

After just a couple of days I have nearly 1000 friends so I start a page called WOLVOMAN80 (the page still shows but I cannot add anything to it) and get fifty like pretty quickly everything seems good until this morning when I attempt to login and are confronted with the message below….


And then………..


I don’t drive, have a passport, birth certificate or any form of photo I.D at all so I am forced to upload bank statements and utility bills and I am now waiting for Facebook to decide if they are satisfied with my I.D, if not FUCK THEM.

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