I hate to write this blog! I am no closer to receiving payment from YouTube/Google (they owe me for nearly 18 million views). I am almost homeless staying at a place where I should not really be. I have two kids that depend on me and I have seen that Google have profited at least £50000 through my work (Google will not reveal the exact amount which is illegal but Google do not care for the law.

In a nutshell Google have made it pretty clear they have NO INTEREST IN PAYING ME. That is why I am forced to asked YOU my audience to donate any amount you can. These money will be used on DVD printing equipment to help move my videos away from the highly censored and controlled YouTube, this will allow me to sell DVDs at a low price without Amazon (another company I am currently trying to do away with) charging me over 90% of the taking in printing and distribution.

I also plan on buying the rights to videos I have made, in some cases these videos have made thousands of pounds but I can not prove ownership and therefore claim from them until I buy the rights! I also plan to make many more videos and blogs exposing the system, government and media.

Please donate



First they refuse payment for videos that have received millions of views (with ads) then they stop notifying subscribers of my latest videos. How does an account with 26000 subs struggle to reach 100 views? CENSORSHIP



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