A surprisingly large amount of musicians also claim to channel spirits, be possessed by a spirit or guided a spirit. For many years Satan has been connected to music and the music industry. For many years musicians has been connected to freemasonry and Satanism. Illuminati, Masonic, Pagan and even satanic symbolism regularly show up in modern day music videos. But when did this start.

Elvis Presley is known as the King of Rock n Roll, he had an identical twin named Jesse Garon, unfortunately Jesse Garon Presley was still born but Elvis believed he communicated with his twin, spiritually.

The “Memphis Mafia” was the nickname for a group of friends, associates and employees whose main function was to be around Elvis Presley from 1954 until he died. Larry Geller was one of the Memphis Mafia. In a blog Posted on February 4, 2011

He writes “When it came to Jesse Garon, he told me that as a child he would talk about him to anyone who would listen. “I have a brother!” he announced proudly, telling everyone how close they were, and how they talked together all the time.  At night as he lay in his bed, in the dark and silence of his room, he would have special conversations with Jesse, and later tell people what his brother had said to him.”

When Elvis died his room that he was said to be confined to was said to be “full of books on spiritualism.”

Jimi Hendrix’s girlfriend, Fayne Pridgon stated.

“He used to always talk about some devil or something was in him, you know. He didn’t know what made him act the way he acted and what made him say the things he said, and the songs and different things like that … just came out of him. It seems to me he was so tormented and just torn apart and like he really was obsessed, you know, with something really evil.”

The King of the delta blues Robert Johnson was said to have sold his soul for extraordinary guitar playing abilities.

The Internet has thousands of videos and articles exposing Satanism and occult symbolism in modern music videos, from back masking to strange symbolism, Satanism and the Devil has been closely connected to music.

They sold their souls for Rock n roll is a ten hour documentary exposing Satanism and occultism in the music industry.

Like today many musicians of old also talk of the devil.


The story behind Giuseppe Tartini’s the “Devil’s Trill” started with a dream. Tartini allegedly told French astronomer Jérôme Lalande that he dreamed that The Devil appeared to him and the Devil asked to be his servant. At the end of their lessons Tartini claimed he handed the devil his violin to test his skill—the devil immediately began to play with such virtuosity that Tartini felt his breath taken away. When the composer awoke he immediately jotted down the “Devils Trill”, desperately trying to recapture what he had heard in the dream. Despite the sonata being a success with his audiences, Tartini claimed that the piece was still far from what he had heard in his dream. What he had written was, in his own words: “so inferior to what I had heard, that if I could have subsisted on other means, I would have broken my violin and abandoned music forever.”

It is not just musicians that claim to make deals with the devil, in the 6th century Saint Theophilus of Adan to gain an ecclesiastical position

Pope Sylvester II was one of the most educated men of his time. He was well versed in mathematics, astronomy, and mechanics; and is credited with inventing the hydraulic organ, pendulum clock, and introducing Arabic numerals to Western Europe. He also wrote books on mathematics, natural science, music, theology and philosophy. Pope Sylvester II was the first French Pope. Rumours that his inventive genius and superior intelligence was the result of a pact with the devil began to spread. Gerbert was said to have built a brazen head and this head was said answer his questions with “yes” or “no”. He was also reputed to have had a pact with a female demon called Meridiana, who had appeared after he had been rejected by his earthly love,

In the New Testament the devil took Jesus to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory; 9and he said to Him, “All these things I will give You, if You fall down and worship me.”… Jesus said to him, “Go, Satan! For it is written, ‘YOU SHALL WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD, AND SERVE HIM ONLY.'”…

Are facts like these signs that non-physical beings with abilities to possess and inspire people and actually manipulating our world through the people that they possess? Some researchers believe that to be the case.

The Devine right to rule or sometimes called the Devine right of Kings is the belief that a monarch is subject to no earthly being.  In many cases the ancient Kings would even claim to be directly related to the Gods. The doctrine also implies that any attempt to overthrow the king or to restrict his powers runs contrary to the will of God and may constitute a sacrilegious act.

The idea that Kings and Queen are either chosen by the Gods or sometimes even Gods themselves is a Pagan idea and an idea that dates all the way back to beyond Ancient Babylon.

The Sumerian King List is an ancient manuscript, the manuscript is said to list kings of Sumer (or what we know as southern Iraq) from Sumerian and neighbouring dynasties, their supposed reign lengths, and the locations of “official” kingship. Kingship was believed to have been handed down by the gods themselves.


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