On Friday 23rd September the express and star (a government and corporate propaganda tool based in the West Midlands) printed this typical ignorant bullshit headline and story.


Shoppers told: Don’t give cash to beggars and help the homeless

Shoppers are being told not to give to beggars in Wolverhampton, under a scheme designed to stamp out nuisance begging but help the homeless at the same time.

beggers-1Wolves captain Danny Batth with some supporters of the new scheme (Silly over paid puppets that know nothing of poverty.)

According to the article only 19% of beggars are homeless the other 81 per cent were found to be begging were using profits made to buy drugs, alcohol or simply to fund their lifestyle.

The article insist we should give money to homeless charities instead of homeless people. The biased, hate filled Express and Star fail to mention how much of the money donated to charities go towards paying for the rich charity owners lifestyles and the Express and Star forget the NSPCC is great according Jimmy Savile.

I am disappointed and shocked that the editors believe it is OK to attack homeless people, beggars and the poor but remain silent when it comes to criticizing charities that profit from peoples willingness to help.

I ignore the media and I give money to homeless people if I believe they are genuine. I have a bigger distrust of corrupt charities and businesses than I do people. I have no trust whatsoever in greedy propaganda machines like the Express and Star that make profit printing corporate and government propaganda and lies, attacking the poor while at the same time completely ignoring the greedy actions of corporations and governments. Important local issues like poverty are hardly ever mentioned.

I read the Express and Star occasionally as there is not much choice in local media, one thing I have noticed about the Express and Star is they consistently attack the poorest people in the West Midlands. I have read them propagating bailiff companies, government agendas, police harassing drug users and the homeless. The Express and Star is just another pro Tory, pro austerity, pro business, anti people load of shit avoid it like the plague unless you are looking for mind numbing celebrity gossip and near fascist government propaganda in that case carry on reading this shit.


FULL ARTICLE HERE http://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-news/2016/09/23/shoppers-told-dont-give-cash-to-beggars-and-help-the-homeless/


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