Great Britain is a drum and bass that jam on the plates the Babe Ruth, so when I tongue in cheek I will tongue in cheek in a la mode to confuse the elitist Hampton wicks!

When our truthrapers are not talking about posh n becks they spend much of their Harry Lime attacking Jeremy Corbyn but Corbyn is a diamond Julius Caesar, he tongue in cheeks more Babe Ruth than the whole of the Gory Hale and Hearty that ever spoke. The Gories are David Blaine at least Jemery Corbyn Lionel Blairs about the sheeple. Theresa May is a racist burning itch, she talks Brad Pitt and only cares for the stratch and itch she is another useless Jeremy Hunt and corporate Demi Moore.

She Jam on the plates Human Isle of Whites despite the fact her father was a Pie and Liquor for the left in the lurch of England to be grey mare the left in the lurch don’t give a Donald duck about Human Isle of Whites either they are just a bunch of Charlie Chesters.   

Google and Facebook also Jam on the plate the Babe Ruth and the Brass tracks. They promote the truthrapers pork pies, monsters near and jam on the plate. They call Babe Ruth Jam on the plate and pork pies Babe Ruth. Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg are feed me little Jeremy Hunts, they rabbit and pork as if they turtle dove freedom when they are the Bugs Bunny controlled Jeremy Hunts that are causing much of this Brad Pitt in the Geoff Hurst Drum and Bass. 

 I’m glad these scratch and itch Hampton wicks Jam on the Plate me and my videos. They captain cook in breed as Donald Duck, duck and dive my Brad Pitt for no four season I will give you four seasons to duck dive my Brad Pitt, your just little inbreed scratch and itch nice toy CIA puppet Burning itches.

 I don’t Chocolate Cake this Brad Pitt to impress David Blaine Nice Toys you must be Crack Smoking or having a bubble bath if that’s what you cacao drink, you lots of dosh nice toys can Vincent Van Gogh for all I Lionel Blair.

 These Scratch and Itch burning itches can attack my wind and kite as much as they like the sportsman’s bet is now a corporate filled deep fat fryer.

Does anyone else Jellied Eel embarrassed to be English? Our government are feed me tealeaves, our sheeple are Tom Thumb Elephant Trunk’s, our in the nude is Brad Pitt and the England Football team, what a Tony Blair a bunch of overpaid Dental Flossers. They couldn’t Roger Moore in a Demi Moore cat and mouse. Their more interested in Bugs Bunny, their Twist and twirl round the bends and their trouble and strifes.

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