I thought for maybe if I Bubble and Squeak in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang they will not understand what I mean and therefore stop attacking my wind and kite. They will probably just think I am chicken Oriental or just a rolls and butter, they are probably Isle of White.

The Problem is with Babylon is they only give a Donald Duck about Bug Bunny as far as they are concerned the rest of us can VINCENT Van Gogh. Recently David Cameron Great tited his dogs knob as our Prime minster. I know what you are Cocoa Drinking, Robin Hood, David Cameron should have had the tic tac donkeys ears ago, in fact he should be in Ginger Ale, he is a complete Jeremy Hunt, but they are all Jeremy Hunts and that’s the Barney Rubble. 

If these Jeremy Hunts were put on to the same Greengages as us and their Dustbin Lids went to the same house of future fools as our dust bin lids we might see a Rifle Range.

They’re all Rabbit and Pork and they don’t give two squirts of pine apple chunk about us. They fight George Doors for bugs bunny and their use powerful Scratch & Itch, China Plates to spread monsters near and jam on the plate.

Most people are too busy at the nuclear sub Tom Cruising completely Schindlers List, raising their Dustbin lids, going to captain Kirk or watching Brad Pitt on the Custard and Jelly to even notice.

Theresa May is our new Prime Minister, how the Uncle Buck did that happen? I haven’t got a tub of glue.

The Jelly roll blues is full of Brad Pitt as is the government. They put people in BOOM AND MIZZEN for possession of Persian Rugs when they are the worst tealeaves on the whole French Plait Brad and Janet. I say it’s time for these tealeaves to taste their own Thomas Edison we should send them to Boom and Mizzen it’s time for people to stop being Frankie Howard’s and open their mince pies.

Our government don’t Tony Blair about the on the floor or people on the rock and roll, they only look after the fish tanks and tommy tankers, these have more bugs bunny than the ministry defense while the rest of us are completely Larry Flint.

It’s up to the house of future fools to teach our dustbin lids to be more responsible, there’s more to porridge knife than watching the custard and jelly.

Our truthrapers are as bad as the house of future fools. They talk Brad Pitt Bill Bailey and we still Adam and Eve them.

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