Brotherhood of the Beast follows the occult careers of three American Presidents and exposes for the first time on film the Black Magic Seances performed by Doctor John Dee for Queen Elizabeth I of England in the 1500s. These seances summoned demons described in the ancient Book of Howling otherwise known as the Goetia. The demons prescribed a method of controlling the hearts and minds of all the people on planet Earth and recommended dividing our planet into a series of regions and states.

This is the ultimate goal of the New World Order. They are following a Master Plan called ‘The Work of Ages’. It all seems like ‘politics’ to the uninitiated, but the wholesale destruction of planet Earth; with the poisoning of the soil, poisoning of the sky and poisoning of the seas has been the gameplan of a satanically-inspired Luciferian cabal since the dawn of history. It is a classic battle between the forces of Good and Evil.

There is no question that many world leaders are following this master plan and those who disobey are assassinated. This Master Plan was inspired by Elizabethan magician, alchemist and spy, John Dee, who maintained a huge library of books about demonology. Spirits spoke to John Dee and these phantoms dictated a New World Order, dividing the world into various regions over which a particular Dark Angel would rule.

Doctor John Dee’s communications with demons took place within the Royal Court of England, using books known as Grimoires which summoned the Hierachy of Hell. These demons promise riches for those who follow their plan and curse those who fail to obey with disease and early death. A documentary with documents, diaries, photos, paintings and writings from the 1500s.

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