Is it just me or does anyone else feel completely disconnected from the average Brit? I don’t hate British people; I just think they’re stupid. We in Britain talk about Americans being dumb, we laugh at Donald Trump, George Bush and America in general but look at fucking Britain, David Cameron, Nigel Farage, they are not much better than Donald Trump. And the average Brit is stupid as shit and ignorant as we claim Americans are!

We moan about America while sitting there filling our faces with McDonalds, Coca Cola and all sorts of chemically enhanced American shit watching their shit stupefying TV and their shit stupefying movies and listening to their shit stupefying music.

I’m not defending Americans they’re stupid as shit, I’m just saying us Brits are pretty fucking stupid too.

We Brits fail to spot how manipulated we are. We Brits would eat our own shit if they market it well enough, look at fucking British Television, Americans are making Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Vikings and it’s always sunny in Philadelphia while we in Britain watch EastEnders, Coronation street, Emmerdale and FUCKING X FACTOR.

We Brits believe Britain is great, we are free! As long we pay our taxes and debts, take our kids to school, and don’t do drugs well drugs that are not sold to us by multinational pharmaceutical corporations. As long as we obey the law, get a job, declare our earnings and accept big brother.

Brits are like yeah I love Britain’s freedoms, its fucking fantastic mean while they got Inland Revenue pay this debt within the next three weeks or it will cost you 10 times what you owe us and when you can’t pay that we will lock you up for tax evasion, if you are going to avoid paying taxes you had better make sure you are avoiding millions Brits are like shit fucking pay it quick.

Kids miss a day off school, pay us.
Parked in the wrong place, pay us.
Watching TV pay us.
You need water pay us.
Hungry pay us.
You got a spare bedroom? Pay us.
You made some money this week? Pay us.
Your dead? Pay us.


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