In collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). FEMA and federal government’s The researchers worked with Ebola virus in an NIH “level 4” lab in Hamilton, Montana, which was designed with all the safety measures required for working with highly dangerous infectious organisms .

The findings suggest that “the genetic background of the individual who is infected plays a really significant role in determining how serious their Ebola virus disease is going to be and  found certain genetic differences appeared to be linked to disease outcome . Pigs can generate large infectious droplets better than any other animal and here by a more powerful virus can be made.

  Genes may turn out to be important in determining the fate of Ebola patients but they would be just one of the factors involved .

Ebola and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, have a number of similarities. Both are spread through blood and bodily fluids, both have high fatality rates.

 Towns and capital cities are well connected to each other via extensive networks of footpaths, dirt roads and paved highways, making it easier for the virus to spread between communities and can be administered to these arrears either and or being in the form of aerosolization processes H20 and or food supply’s .

Inside a human or animal body tests have shown the virus tube C can remain in the host body for several months here by keeping host’s fully functional. Stepwise mutations model tube A prevailing at STR loci, which is characterized by recurrent mutations . Ignoring the same allelic type found in different individuals or populations may be derived from different evolutionary processes. Airborne and droplet transmission both travel through the air to infect others; as in tube c aerosolization smaller droplets persist in the air for longer and travel great distance there for tubes C and A are 97% deletion with the 3% barren and infertile.

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