When celebrities die it literally takes over the news, I believe the media secretly love it when celebrities die. It gives them an excuse not to report any real news, they milk it. We live in a world where thousands of children starve to death daily but we only care when the rich and famous die.

Every time a celebrity dies YouTube becomes full of conspiracies of an ILLUMINATI sacrifice. I am not dismissing all these videos but some people like The Vigilant Christian are blatantly using these deaths to cash in. He has videos on the sacrifices of Paul Walker, Robin Williams, Prince, Michael Jackson, the Ultimate Warrior, Heath Ledger and others. He don’t offer evidence he just talks shit and chases clicks, I reckon he is about as Christian as Anton Levey was.

The thing is about celebrities and fashion is it is completely media controlled, they go on like people are mad about Kim Kardashian, One Direction and many other talent-less meat puppets but the truth is people are only mad for this shit because the media keep promoting this shit.

 Celebrities are not the only thing the simple minded masses are obsessed with! They also love logos, they pay twice as much for a pair of trainers just because the trainers have a tick, guess what people that tick is an idiot tick.


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