At a time of extreme poverty in much of the world and the UK itself is not exactly poverty free in case you haven’t noticed, at a time of cuts to many public services including the NHS, sickness and benefit cuts and after spending the last ten years talking about Britain’s deficit the Conservatives now want to spend at least two hundred billion pound on to Trident. The Trident nuclear programme, also known as the Trident nuclear deterrent, covers the development, procurement and operation of the current generation of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them in the United Kingdom.

Theresa May insists that the future of Great Britain depends on Trident and Britain’s ability to destroy the world, the mainstream media tell us that Theresa May won the debate against Jeremy Corbyn on Nuclear weapons! But did she? I thought she came across as an unreasonable, cold hearted, psychopath! Many of the Labour politicians loved her, that is because many of the Labour politicians are Conservatives. I have been saying for years the Conservatives infiltrate their opposition, look at the Labour party as soon as it starts standing up for the people its attacked by the Conservatives, all corporate media and even  from within the Labour party. Liberal Democrats in 2010 they were all Tories.

The thing is about Trident and Nuclear weapons is if they are so important and essential for the survival of our nation like Theresa May insists it is, then surely its essential to all nations? Surely North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq and all nations could make the same argument. We were told that the Iraq war was fought to prevent psychopaths from having access to weapons that could potentially kill millions of innocent people yet our government have just voted to invest at least two billion pound in to nuclear weapons! As usual from the British government their levels of hypocrisy are amazing and shocking. STOP TRIDENT.




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