A few days ago I wrote a blog called “DON’T BOTHER SUBBING TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL” I write this blog because I am being informed by multiple people that YouTube are not allowing them to sub to my channel. What a ridiculous bunch of petty control freaks the establishment are, not worthy of ruling shit.

Usually I get a fair few comments daily yesterday however I had none at all! I didn’t really think much of it until today when I uploaded a new video. After half an hour I come back to check the view count (first day view counts are slower now than the days I had 5000 subs) I notice their are four comments in the comment section. Two of these comments are me asking people to share the video and explaining YouTube censorship of my video but the other two are nowhere to be seen. I check to see if they had been marked as spam and still no sign.

Google must have decided that I am no longer allowed to read comments written on my videos! PRICKS!

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