DON’T BOTHER SUBBING TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Because as well as not showing subscribers my latest videos I have also received numerous messages of people that have attempted to subscribe to my YouTube channel only to have the subscription removed, one person told me three times they added me before Google actually allowed him to subscribe! I criticize and express opinions on politics and our governments policies in a country that claims to treasure freedom yet I am literally being attacked by a company that has more money than some nations. I know its not just me I have read many similar complaints online.

Why do YouTube/Google feel the need to protect Theresa May, Donald Trump, Barrack Obama and many other universally hated due to their greed and corruption politicians and businesses? Is it because Google like Facebook support and protect anybody that is pro Israel?


Every time I upload a new video to YouTube I actually instantly lose 5, 10, 20 as much as 30 subscribers! When I have spoke about this in the past someone pointed out that maybe people were unsubscribing but I have sometimes had subscribers removed quicker than the video receives views.

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