Recently the British government has begun a sugar tax! Sweeteners received no such tax, have the government decided instead of dying of diabetes or obesity they would rather you die of Cancer or Alzheimer disease.

 People have been eating sugar since Adam and Eve, not chemicals, sweeteners, preservatives, colours and flavor enhancers they are probably a million times more dangerous than sugar. Have you read some of the ingredients to this corporate junk some people call food?

 And that is just what they tell you about the word flavorings on your ingredients could add 5, 10, 15 unlisted ingredients, those ingredients could include anything from MSG, Potassium sorbate, Soduim Sorbate, Calcium Sorbate, Sulphur Dioxide, Sodium Sulphite,  Potassium Acetate, Aspartame, Propane, Magnesium salts of fatty acids, Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, Potassium phosphate,  human embryo kidney cells and an endless list of cancer causing chemicals and of course bodily fluids of the underpaid, bored staff.

 The side effects of the chemicals added to food range from short term side effects like headaches, acne, constipation, eczema, hyperactivity, body odor to long term and more serve effects like Crohns Disease, Asthma, high blood pressure, Alzheimers and of course cancer. And we still eat the shit and we and would probably still eat the shit if it were to slowly turn us inside out as long as they market well enough to us. But sugar must be taxed to protect us just so happens that the government will make a lot of money from protecting us.

 Protection comes from education instead advertising absolute chemical filled junk at kids and spreading hype why not try spreading awareness? Tobacco companies are forced to hide their products behind counters yet sweets, chocolate and pop are displayed all over the fucking shop, colorful cartoon images on the outside cancer on the inside. Adults are protected from themselves where as children are allowed to roam freely, consume you future morbidly obese little wanker.



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