Last night I upload a video called “They’re all JEREMY HUNT’S they only care about Bugs Bunny” as usual (lately) the view count is slow despite the fact I have more subs than ever before. Than the view count stops on 94 for hours, than it falls to 83! Meanwhile my computer stops letting me upload to my own website! I contact my provider they are as baffled as me, out of curiosity I check if I can upload on to YouTube, it fails. I change from Google Chrome to Mozilla still fails. I install Internet explorer same problem. I remove and reinstall Google chrome suddenly everything is working again. I inform the hosting service that the problem is solved.

A couple of hours later I try to upload another to my website, I get the same shit! I try YouTube again and although this time it appears to be uploading the time remaining slowly moves up instead of down. At the same time as all this shit is happening I notice a comment on a video page asking me a question, I write a reply and suddenly the comment vanishes along with my reply!

Am I being cyber attacked or something? Am I pissing somebody off? I really hope so.


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