Yesterday I uploaded a video that criticized and joked about Google and there inbreed looking hills have eyes types Sergey Brin and Larry Page. I should not take too much out on these people after all they are just little puppets to the CIA, FBI, MI5, NSA and money. The video that criticizes Google for censorship has also been hidden from my own subscribers, I have over 26000 subs and I have been uploading to YouTube on multiple channel for about six years yet nowadays my video receive much less views then they used to at a time I had less than 1000 subs. Google plus has not counted a new follower for years despite my stats showing hundreds of new followers.

GOOGLE HATE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, they hate non corporate media and regularly attack anyone that dare criticize their genocide committing, Zionist puppet masters.

Like all internet corporate giants GOOGLE LOVE ZIONISM, Racism, Israel and money.

Our “FREE” internet and our “FREE” nations actually hate freedom, I have already been banned from Facebook, it seems to me the overlords are losing the argument BIG TIME and all they have left is CENSORSHIP and OPPRESSION.

To counter act these control freaks I will put FREE DOWNLOADS to as many my videos as possible on this website as well as a new video player.


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