Hypocrisy- the practice of claiming to higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.

British prime minister, David Cameron a supporter of super-prisons, tough punishment of crime (in many cases minor offences), Israel, and corporate tax evasion. Many believe he represents one of the fairest, freest countries in the world, but is this true?

Since world war two, Britain and its allies have attempted to overthrow, over 50 countries this is a considerable amount considering there are 196 recognised countries in the world, 193 of these members of the UN. This means that Britain and its allies have attempted to overthrow at least 25% of the worlds governments, most of which have been democratically-elected.

Should the leader of a nation like this think twice before attacking petty criminals with harsh sentences, when some could argue that David Cameron is among the most successful lotters in the country; he has over claimed on his expenses as well as going trough the hassle of covering up his own greed. Recently the Panama papers have exposed David Cameron for profiting from tax havens. He has also been connected to arms dealing in the Middle East at times of conflict.

In January 2015, David Cameron linked arms with other world leaders as well as marching with 3.7 million different people, to symbolise unity against terrorism, yet Palestine, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as other nations, suffer from similar attacks regularly; sometimes conducted by Britain, USA, Israel and other of our allies.

I find it disturbing that someone like David “the hypocrite” Cameron is still one of the most powerful men in Britain, or is he just a puppet? Its also disturbing that despite public knowledge of his corruption, greed, hypocrisy and complete disregard for the law, that he is not behind bars. But no need to worry Boris Johnson is here to save the day!

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