The vast majority of people seem to have very little or no opinions at all, like dead fish they go with the flow, I don’t mind that at all. The fact they have no mind is no concern of mine. But people that have no opinions at all tend to get irritated when people with opinions express opinions, especially when the opinions expressed force them to think outside the tiny little box in their minds.

Opinions that contradict the world they have been presented with really upset them. Sometimes their heads look like they may explode, me brainwashed not a chance they insist, just because I support England, love my queen, hate Muslims and immigrants and don’t give a fuck about wars paid for by my taxes does not mean I am brainwashed. Yes it does. These people get offended when facts are presented to them,

 The definition for brainwashed described by an online dictionary is pressurize (someone) into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means.

 What the fuck is more systematic and forceful than school? Five days a week from the ages of 3 to 16 they brainwashed you and now they are brainwashing your kids, think what we tell you to think. Queen’s Birthday celebrations, Jubilee celebrations, Royal Weddings, Royal Babies, Princes, Princesses are all pushed on to your children.

 They forget to mention Royal murder, slavery, exploitation, greed, wars and incest. Press the dislike button if you wish but be aware it’s the facts that you don’t like.

 Soldiers are sent around schools and presented to children as heroes! They are not heroes they are pawns in a rich man’s war, there are two reasons someone might join the army the first one being they genuinely and falsely believe they are helping people by joining the army or they just want to kill people. If after all these years and wars you still believe the British army are trying to help anybody other than the establishment you must be stupid and if you feel the urge to kill people you must be psychotic. That must mean soldiers are either elitist, stupid or psychotic not a person children should be forced to look up to.

This indoctrination of the nation makes having a politically discussion with the average Brit as fun as banging your head against a brick wall.

 Immigrants are fucking us over, taking our jobs, benefits, houses and women they insist as they are wearing their Man Utd, Chelsea or Arsenal tops. Foreign players, foreign managers, foreign owners.

Immigrants and foreigners fucking us over? How do you work that out? Your government and hierarchies have been murdering, thieving and exploiting foreign nations all over the world for hundreds of years and your corporations have added to the problem. Your whole lifestyle depends upon the exploitation of foreigners so what right do you having bitching because they have been given the same chances and benefits you have? I’m fucking English they insist like that means they are or should be more important than everyone else is.



2,180 Replies to “PEOPLE ARE LIKE DEAD FISH.”

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