My YouTube channel is under ATTACK (again) as mentioned in many previous blogs YouTube have been removing subs, videos and even video views, refusing payment, hiding videos (not showing on searches) and blocking videos despite no claims made against the video for a long time but the last few days my views have plummeted. I have received numerous messages informing me that subs have been removed, comments section isn’t working, videos are not playing or videos being blocked in certain countries despite YouTube showing me that the video is available worldwide.

Facebook shut me down about one year ago and now YouTube seem to be doing the same. My opinion must be truly offending/scaring some powerful people, FUCKING GOOD. This is what happens when we exercise our rights of freedom of speech, they shut you down. A few days ago my channel views were growing very quickly only to suddenly plummet. Yesterday I hit 26000 subs today I haven’t I am losing subs daily despite growth shown on YouTube stats.

Google seem desperate to prove how much they hate freedom. cen 2


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