I receive hundreds of messages from people most of these messages are positive, people offering support and relating. Thanks for the support it is appreciated, recently I have noticed numerous messages from subscribers claiming that their subscription to my channel has been removed! Google hate freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of choice and freedom in general except economic freedom (the freedom for huge businesses like Google not to pay tax.) They seem to think that as well as using lobbying to manipulate our politicians and turn them in to little meat puppets they also have the right to choose who you follow and what you watch.

I have been accused of lying about such issues in the past, below are four messages sent from subscribers, I found these in ten minutes I could find loads more if I were to properly search all my messages.


Hey….just wanted to say I appreciate you and the hard work you put into these videos…..just (re)found you recently…..was subscribed to you a while back but for some reason, YouTube must have unsubscribed me to you and many others (at least 10 channels that am aware of…all relating to esoteric and occult subjects)….but anyways……keep on keeping on!…people like you inspire me to want to start a YouTube channel of my own. it’s not about how many views or likes you get, it’s about sharing knowledge and understanding about this crazy world we live in…..thanks for taking the time …….much respect!!!


muzz brudr3 days ago

Hey I have to keep subscribing or are you unsubscribing me? this happened twice already what gives??

candacy322123 months ago

+WOLVOMAN80 I believe you because i have not seen a video from you in months. That i even unsubscribed from your channel. I also would see you have new videos but when i click on your channel all i see is the old videos from months ago. Its like nothing new is there.
I was subbed to your channel, but I just noticed now that my subscription was removed, so I’ve resubbed.  Peace and thanks for the uploads, Please continue to keep up the good work.


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