Official video for Lowkey featuring Mai Khalil – Dear England

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They say God save the queen, Britannia rules the waves, Britannia’s in my genes But Britannia called us slaves Britannia made the borders Cause Britannia’s forces came Britannia lit the match But Britannia fears the flame Where blood stains the pavement Tears stain a cheek And privilege is threatened, the fear reigns supreme Where bankers are earning, from burning and looting

The nervous are shooting, search for solutions I shed a tear for the father in Birmingham Quick swerve of the car and it murdered them In Tottenham the apartments were burning and nobody came just arson is circling All wanna be down till tv’s get robbed like jewels on the queens crown They say now no cause for a rebound See now they call me a fool cause i speak out People are humans not mindless animals

This violent tyrannical system is fallable Hand in the loot by the minute you see ’em But the biggest looters are the British museum This happened here and you think its a accident Just relax as we slip into fascism And the fear gets drilled into your hearts but remember these children are all ours

[Chorus] Whoa, give me the words, give me the words That tell me nothing Dear England, Whoa, give me the words, give me the words That tell me nothing
If a policeman can kill a black man where he found him A soldier can kill an Afghan in the mountains A petty thief can get ransacked from his housing While the bankers are lounging That’s my surroundings Took land, no one in your family has heard of Before you sleep, whisper the mantra you learnt cause Never will there be a day that cameras are turned off Who runs this country, Cameron or Murdoch Who’s the government, a government that can’t govern Cant you figure its ways bigger than Mark Duggan
Bigger than Smiley, bigger than Jean Charles
Hundreds are dead not 1 killer is on trial
Just a familiar sound of hysteria
Bombs over Libya but not this area
Downing Street I can find villains
Cut education, privatise prisons
Surprised by theft when it’s organised,
But mass immorality is normalised
Assumptions surrounding the looting of London
But this is a system consumed by consumption
Yea it happened here and you think its a accident
Just relax as we slip into fascism
And the fear gets drilled into your hearts
But remember these children are all ours



Dead Prez – Fuck The Law

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Vinnie Paz – End of Days (feat. Block McCloud) [Official Music Video]

Directed by Prime Cut (PrimeCutFilm@gmail.com)

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Greek subtitles available courtesy of Champion AXD
Italian subtitles available courtesy of Iononesistoable
Polish subtitles available courtesy of RazielPOLAND & Pejo
(hit the CC button to activate them)

“End of Days” (prod. Sicknature) off Vinnie Paz’s (of Jedi Mind Tricks) debut solo album “Season of the Assassin” featuring Block McCloud (of AOTP & Brooklyn Academy), intro by David Icke




Starring Charles Parker Newton (http://www.charlesparkernewton.com)
Cinematography by Matthew Novak (http://www.matthewanovak.com)
Production design by Monica Mayorga (http://monicamayorga.com)
Outro Score by The Gemini Lounge (Genghis Khan & Jon Jackson)

Special Thanks to:
Sal, Mark, Mike, Enemy Soil, and to all those who showed support in the making of this video

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