I have noticed over the last few days that my channel has received very few comments (compared to usual) but the view count has risen. I didn’t really think anything of it until I decided to watch a lecture on YouTube. I notice this video has loads of views likes and dislikes but only one comment, the comment was from the channel that posted the lecture and it said YouTube not allowing comments! Many YouTube channels are being oppressed, attacked, financially starved and silenced by corporate giants like Google, my channel is one of them!

Today my channel received a fair amount of new subscribers, I reached 25700 at about dinner time. Tonight however 25696, even my videos lose views, I have seen my videos lose 50 views in the space of an hour!

The question is what are they hiding? Google promote pro war corporate and government propaganda by making it very accessible to the masses yet they hide non corporate bloggers and video makers as well as refuse payments.

Google are against the people, they stand against freedom of speech and freedom of expression. They are puppets to greater powers and they will destroy all of our civil liberties in order to protect the greater powers.

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