Recently the CD player in my car broke forcing me to listen to the radio “its Okay” I thought I will soon find a decent radio channel that I do not mind listening to, Six months later and I still have not found one! When listening to the radio we spend more time listening to corny advertisements telling us what to buy and corny DJ’s telling us how and what to think then we spend listening to music. I do not fully understand radio broadcasting laws in the UK nor do I understand PPL licenses but from what I can see and work out about these laws, it seems to be illegal for radio channels to play decent music!

It also seems to be illegal for radio DJ’s not to be corny, irritating idiots. These radio laws and regulations that Ofcom claim are important because “The use of radio continues to expand rapidly. This applies to business, broadcasting and leisure activities. The use of radio is carefully planned to give as high a standard of service as possible. Unauthorized use of radio can cause harmful interference to legitimate users. Safety of life may be put at risk if, for example, the radios used by emergency services suffer interference. The successful running of a business can be affected by radio interference. Listeners can be prevented from enjoying their favourite radio station by interference. This is why Ofcom takes action to prevent interference and why the penalties that may be imposed by the courts for unlawful use of radio can be heavy” are actually destroying quality and choice of the radio. And when Ofcom say “legitimate users” what they actually mean is people that pay, as always everything comes down to money.

Because of the corporations that own the radio channels, the record labels and the TV channels and their greed and obsessive willingness to control the thoughts of the masses by using the huge monopoly they have of mainstream media to spread their messages and to promote low quality pop music, radio plays it over and over and the public rush out and buy it. YouTube began to open the door for new interesting and original music, until greedy corporations recognized the potential in YouTube and on the internet, Google now give huge advantages to corporate music, advantages like priority on Google and Youtube search engines, Google spread new corporate music on the related video section of YouTube videos that are almost completely unrelated. These shit music videos also end up as featured videos on home pages and sometimes links even show up on ads before watching the video that you actually wanted to watch.

Like all mainstream media Radio in the UK is weak, it is unimaginative, full of propaganda and it seriously lacks choice, if you like listening to mind numbing, pop music, DJs talking to people like we are stupid, and adverts that are so lame and full of shit jingles so we walk around either singing business phone numbers or business names then radio is the place to be, if not buy a CD player.

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