I used to be an atheist, I went to a Catholic school and was bought up with “Christian beliefs” and therefore as a child I believed in God and although I knew very little of him I also believed in Jesus Christ, I also believed in the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas. As the years go by we grow up, we find out Santa and almost everything we once believed is a lie, it seems only natural that God, Jesus, the devil is also a lie, they are illogical and if they are illogical they must be false.

As a young man I did not believe in silly stories like the stories told in the bible, to me religion was boarder lining insanity and Christians were strict, obsessed, misguided idiots, the same way as T.V portrays them to be. To me the belief in Heaven and God were desperate attempts for people to make themselves feel better. I believed that religion was a tool used purely to control people, if God is real why does he allow such cruelty and suffering? Why not intervene, help people or give us a sign, I believe in science, life and the news, religion is total nonsense and I believed this for many years.

Then I got the internet! As a child I was honestly not interested in learning at all, computer games and playing football were way more interesting than school, school bored the shit out of me, I found it tedious and repetitive, I did not care for learning until I left school, having left school I became interested in politics, the news, political satire, science and I began to love to learn, either watching documentaries researching material for making videos or reading. As all young people do, I assumed I knew the world, it taken me a while to learn and except that I knew nothing, the internet opened me up to brand new information, information that I first believed was ridiculous, paranoid and funny. However the more I read the more convinced I was that there was actually more truth on the internet written by so called “conspiracy theorists” then all the mainstream media combined times one billion.

When we look at the state of the planet, people living in poverty and pain, it is hard to believe in God, but looking at the state of the planet and recognizing some of the evil that takes place on this planet made me consider the possibility of “the devil” and if the devil is real God is real.

When we look at this planet and see the poverty, pain and suffering and say “this proves that God is not real” maybe it doesn’t, maybe it proves that the devil is real! “Why would God allow this suffering” atheists scream, but God does not allow this suffering people do. There is more than enough of everything including food to go around, greed, waste and a lack of interest bought on by lack of financial potential in supplying the world with food causes poverty and poverty causes disease. As the great Tony Benn once said “if we have the money to kill people, we have the money to help people” or something like that. As I got older I began to understand that I don’t know anything, this planet has existed for over 5 billion years I have been on it for 34 years, for me to assume “I know God is not real or Jesus is not savoir” based on what I am told would be stupid and the more I look at society the more convinced I am that we need saving and we need forgiveness. We had better hope and prey that Jesus stays true to his word and we are saved because if not, then what? Who will save us? Russell Brand? Mark Dice? Alex Jones?  Hahahahaha, you might as well wait for Batman.


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