IF YOU BELIEVE VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER YOU ARE A TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER. That was the amazingly ignorant and arrogant claim of terrorist David Cameron today. I believe if you sympathize with the greed and war mongering Conservative government you are the REAL terrorist Sympathizer! How can David Cameron make claims like this when he supports Israel’s oppression and terrorist acts in Palestine? Britain is sleep walking into another war.

It is not that I sympathize with people that kill people (like the British and US armies,) I sympathize with the children that are in the wrong place at the wrong time and the mothers that have to witness the massacres our taxes fund. I sympathize with our brainwashed soldiers (that have been programmed to KILL and follow orders without asking questions) and the families they leave behind, I sympathize with the innocent civilians as they become death stats.

I find it hard to sympathize with rich, greedy, elitist, war mongering, propaganda using governments and their corporate and aristocratic masters. After all David Cameron’s children will be cozy, safe and sound in their huge mansions with their expensive minders surrounded by security. Why should the working class British public defend a country and a government that has spent much of its time oppressing and ripping off the poor and working classes?

If the elite want war I say go for it but do not ask or expect us (the poorer classes) to support or fight for them, the Conservative government have cut public services, incapacity benefits, child tax credits and the NHS for us while handing tax breaks to Google, News Corporation, Facebook and many other corporations, billionaires and millionaires but now we are expected to defend them? Lets keep this simple, FUCK EM.

Lets see the elite fight this war without us, if rich little weaklings like David Cameron, Barrack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and their masters are so pro war let them fight a war. I would happily work and pay taxes if our government promise to drop these weakling, warmongers in the middle of Syria to fight terrorism themselves.

David Cameron believes that we are terrorist sympathizers, I believe he and his government are terrorists which makes their supporters terrorist supporters! USA, UK and their allies attack, exploit, kill, loot, thieve, bomb and murder but they still have the nerve to suggest that they stand for peace and against terrorism. The Conservative government and their masters stand as much against freedom as ISIS do, who by the way were funded by American taxes!




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