The corporate take over of the internet is leading to the internet being as biased, racist and oppressive as the mainstream media. The alternative media is being attacked, censored and effectively silenced as is opposition to the proposed attacks on Syria. Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blatantly hiding and oppressing anyone that does not believe in violence and terrorism.

Actions like this expose the fact that corporations are pro war and anti freedom. I believe the corporate media along with corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and many others are doing more damage to our freedom and rights than any “oppressive government or organization” from the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. I believe the real enemy of freedom exists within our own “developed nations,” even worse they tell us the news and in most cases they tell us what to think.

Recently I uploaded Fuck the System 1 and 2 on to YouTube for the second time (the first time YouTube blocked the video worldwide and I lost an appeal, due the aggressive nature of my language when filling in the “required copyright information! I also received a copyright strike so that backfired big time!) Since uploading the video that criticizes Google, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg as well as many other people and aspects of society the number of hits my YouTube channel receives has plummeted! My videos are hard to find under common searches, they are hidden away into the deep dark depths of YouTube, away from mass consumption. In fact lately every time I upload a video to YouTube my views plummet for a couple of days the view count usually slowly raises again.

They do this because they disapprove of freedom and freedom of speech, they use Islam and “extremism” as a reason to take our rights and freedom but it is not Islam its the super rich, they claim they are doing it to protect us but it is obviously more about protecting themselves, protecting themselves from paying a fair tax rate! These internet corporations have no objection in oppressing political ideologies they happily and blatantly attack and censor anyone that does not think the way we are programmed to think, they do not care for the truth.

As well as censorship they also promote mainstream media’s propaganda, hate and racism by making it very accessible and easy to find while hiding political blogs written bloggers. The sad truth is Facebook (ATTACKED MY PAGE FACEBOOK POSTS FAILED TO REACH 20 OF MY OVER 4000 LIKES), YouTube, Google and Twitter are pro war, pro Zionism and anti human rights and if you decide to criticize or question our aggressive foreign policy they will simply silence you!

Another point I should make video views from Great Britain seem to have plummeted more than elsewhere.