This series (1-8) and extra videos show clear evidence that the worlds top magicians and artists are in league with demonic entities.

This episode disproves the theory that invisible strings/loops are used to move objects. Part 3 will deal with mind reading, (reveal that yea right).

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Demon Magicians: Episode 4 ,by Xendrius

This episode shows but a fraction of the large amount of evidence that shows that demons are behind this world’s top artists/magicians by influencing, possessing or channeling music through them. This evidence extends for 10 hours in a documentary called “They sold their souls for rock n roll”. For copyright reasons I cannot show the full documentary on this channel, so please watch the full somewhere else:…

You can find short clips throughout youtube but far from the 10 full hours.


Part 6, many different sources of evidence.

The new series will be called something else and go into how the UFO, ghost and channeling phenomena are connected to eachother and the Illuminati/NWO conspiracy. I will show the best footage I have come across in all my 8 years of research. Demons are – through the Illuminati behind many false flag events where thousands are killed – such as the WTC 9/11 demolitions, 1993 WTC bombings, the Oklahoma city bombings and even they are even behind protecting and arming ISIS.

Source material:

A trip into the supernatural
Derren Brown – Evening of Wonders
Yif art of Magic
The Scole Experiment
David Blaine – Real or Magic
Concetta Bertoldi (Random clips from youtube)
Jordan Maxwell – UFOs past present and future

The conclusion is simple – some magicians get help from demon spirits in their magic performances.

Episode 6 shows the best evidence for demons, epiosde 8 how demons help certain magicians.

Some people ask for more evidence, here it is, they admit that they do the supernatural with the help of spirits, demon spirits.

If non-demon magicians claim that it’s not done with demons, then they are free to put a
link in this video showing how they do it naturally. Extraordinary claims require evidence.
The new series about Illuminati/UFOs is in the making.

This is the most informative episode by far, explains many questions and sets a lot of ignorant “skeptic” assumptions straight. Explains how normal amateur “magicians” become demon magicians and what that means.

The ending “magic trick” by Penn & Teller shows proof once again that no invisible threads are used to move objects. (If anyone thinks that, grab any kind of thread, (visible) and move the ball like that from start to finish.

Pay close attention to how the ball moves, and apply common sense and physics. You will never be able to move a ball like that with any form of thin thread or hidden mechanism.

“What demons are doing to humanity” will be a series instead of a 3 hour long documentary as initially planned.

-Shows clips from:
Neofytos – Mystifier
Penn & Teller – Fool Us


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