I have suspected manipulation of stats on YouTube and Google plus for quite a while now, my followers on Google plus has been stuck on 436 for months. To be honest this does not really bother me at all as I cannot stand Google plus, I find it to be a complete waste of time in fact I would not even have an account if it were not for Google forcing all YouTubers to either have a Google plus account or close their YouTube account!

This morning however as I was about to share a link on Google plus I noticed that Google plus insights had counted 441 new followers in one day, I also noticed that I’m receiving no messages on YouTube, Google plus or anywhere (it is not very often I do not get at least a few emails.) The 441 new followers were never actually added or counted as new Google+ followers, in fact I still have 436 just like the day before as Google+ own stats show.

Note I still have 436 followers despite 441 new followers!

Whatever the reason is for this technical problems or censorship Google+ stats like YouTube stats (I have had similar problems on YouTube stats) are clearly inaccurate and therefore pretty useless.

 I closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts due to the political censorship being employed by them but closing my YouTube account due to the same censorship policies and Google’s refusal to pay me what they owe me for my video views, would eradicate all the hard work put in to building my channel to level it is at. Unfortunately all I can do for now is sit tight and wait for Google to be forced to follow some regulations that would prevent them from acting with such greed, the problem is Google are among the biggest lobbyists in USA and Europe. In other words the government are under Google’s control so the chances of Google facing any real opposition is slim.



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