I have been blogging since 2011, I started with Google’s blogger.com before starting my own website under the domain wolvoman80.com only to have the website cyber attacked (luckily most of my blogs were backed up, though I lost a few) the cyber attack forced me back on to the plain and very basic blogger.com, until I started this site in January 2015. Buying and owning your own domain name is a much better way of blogging if you plan to blog regularly, it allows multiple ads which means it pays better and the website can be made more attractive with many more features than blogger.com allows.

After starting my own website (again) I was glad to be away from the the shit and basic blogger.com and I planned not to ever use google adsense again (adsense is the only way to advertise on blogger.com.) I began looking for alternatives which is both time consuming and boring to say the least, after hours of looking I had still not found a real alternative to Adsense. The alternatives that I tried which was at five were either complicated to use, plain text ads or unvaried and hard to fit on to the website. I hate to sound like I am praising Google but there is no real alternatives when it comes to online advertising, Google have a huge variety of sizes and options and lots of customers.

Having spent way to much time and getting absolutely nowhere with finding an alternative I decide I have to use Adsense, my website allows me to look at stats from multiple sources by using different plugins, these stats always show I am getting hundreds sometimes even thousands of hits per day, they even count how many hits each blog has separately. Stats from different sources do for some reason vary to one another but Google Adsense stats always show the lowest! How shocking the only company that pays for ads show the lowest hits EVERYTIME. I have multiple plugins and programs that are showing a much higher click rate than Adsense, I am aware that crawlers and Electronic spammers can cause false readings and results but one of my programs even detects humans, crawlers and Electronic spammers, the plugins also counts a much higher human rate that Google Adsense does, in fact it sometimes counts thousands more than Adsense counts.

It seems to me that everything that Google touches instantly turns in to a untrustworthy giant corporate piece of shit! YouTube, Blogger.com, Adsense, Adwords and the worst one of all the useless Google plus are all rip offs. Google plus is probably the worst site on the whole of the fucking internet so bad that Google needed force YouTube users on to the site just to make people use it.

I sometimes struggle to believe the stats that they show especially when they pay for views, if Google have proven one thing over the years they have proven that they feel no way in ripping people off, with tax evasion and refusal to pay many YouTube partners for ads, I believe that Adsense is also most likely (unless plugins I am using on my website are inaccurate) and once again ripping off their customers.




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