I have noticed over the years that many people hate the things I say, these people hate criticism of the system, why? I believe these people are cowardly. The system would not work or be maintainable if it did not offer security, the establishment know that for the system to work some people must feel safe and protected by the system. These people that are so full of fear and empty on imagination they cannot imagine life without being told what to do by authority, we are mind controlled at school with one sided propaganda we are forced to repeat over and over and then regurgitate on exams they force children to respect and obey authority via humiliation, most people seem to struggle to get out of the mindset of propaganda, lies and false security that school has passed to them.

To be fair to the highly criticized education system it must be doing a very good job, why? So many people in the United Kingdom do not want to listen to criticism of the system, the criticism offends them and in most cases scares them, some people are so deluded by the system they actually get not only defensive but sometimes aggressive when they are confronted with criticism of the system. When facts (like exploitation and oil wars) and stats (like poverty stats) are shown to them they usually simply shrug their shoulders or roll their eyes.

The thing is about “the system” is, it is basically and literally a giant pyramid scam, the people that so passionately defend this system are usually nowhere near the bottom of the pyramid. The top layers of the pyramid are the bank owners, corporate owners, monarchies, hierarchies, aristocrats, religious organizations, etc,  the next layers are the “well off” middle classes, these people must be programmed to be ignorant and conservative in nature they are usually subliminally racist, ignorant of the facts and snobbish.

As we get closer to the bottom of the pyramid we come to the masses, these people contribute more than anyone else, yet their opinions are usually ignored this is  the working classes and poorer classes, the working and poorer classes are in most cases are also victims of subliminal racism and ignorance. These people are programmed to be violent, racist, ignorant, they are also programmed to be followers of fashion, music, football and whatever else keeps their minds occupied from reality. The programming of these people is tricky, in most cases these people are oppressed and extorted with high tax rates and a poor education system that works well for the rich and not so well for the poor, despite this oppression and extortion in most cases these people still believe the system is fair or at least most of them stay quiet enough most of the time, they are the silent majority of wealthy countries .

Bottom of the pyramid  is the truly and extremely oppressed, they are forced to make our clothes in cruel sweatshops, collect our diamonds and precious metals and produce our technology for just enough to survive they are the slaves of the corporate masters and the system, they exist to allow us to live. Our dependence on this corrupt, unfair system along with our ignorance enslaves these people yet our lifestyles depend on them, they are literally holding up the pyramid from the bottom.




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