There was a time that I had thousands of followers on Facebook, a post of mine would reach literally thousands if not tens of thousands of people and this allowed me to share and spread my videos freely, making Facebook an important tool for helping to spread my videos and message, I always had a problem with much of what Facebook was doing (tax evasion, political censorship and obscene greed) but for me Facebook was worth it due to the fact it helped introduce much of my audience. I used Facebook for four or five years in this time it allowed me to reach hundreds of thousands of people and gain thousands of followers from all over the world. Slowly but surely I began to notice my reach on Facebook was falling, it fell from tens of thousands to thousands, from thousands to hundreds and then from hundreds to sometimes struggling 20 people, from my perceptive what the fuck is the use in that? I tried Twitter but never really liked it or gained the same following as Facebook on it.

I shared many posts with falling reach for a while, by this time a Facebook post of mine was reaching 12 people at a time despite the fact I had thousands of followers on Facebook. I know that many other pages were suffering from the same problems, political messages, videos, blogs and posts are being hidden away from people followers of these pages.

I could reach more people by writing political messages on my fucking forehead or shouting them out of my window than I can reach on Facebook, it made Facebook a useless tool, it literally is not worth the tiny amount of effort it takes to sign in to the site.

This censorship and oppression of the truth is being practiced on nearly all social media at the moment including YouTube and the pathetic GOOGLE PLUS. I would close my GOOGLE PLUS account but as far as I know you cannot actually close your Google plus account without closing your YouTube channel (although I once read that Google were planning on changing it.)