Technology is a great thing and advances in technology in modern years has been faster than any other known time in our history. Due to these fast moving and undeniable impressive advances many factors of our lives have been made easier. The camera, the telephone, washing machines, hoovers, radio, television and the car are just a few of many huge successes. These things were successful because they made our lives easier, later advances were mobile phones and computers.

Due to these “brilliant” technological advances we can now work one hundred of miles from where we live and we can be contacted 24 hours a day! We can take our work home with us using something as small as a USB and fit in a extra couple of hours on the weekends or holidays, we can meet women without leaving our house, we can keep in touch we family and friends without actually visiting them. All this sounds brilliant and it is brilliant sometimes, there is however a few little problems.

The trouble is; I don’t want to work one hundred miles away from home and I don’t want people calling me at midnight, I really do not want to take my work home for the weekends and holidays and meeting women online usually ends up meeting somebody that is ten years older than she is on her pic and ten stone heavier. As for keeping in touch with family and friends without visiting them, it is just nowhere near the same, although very useful at times.

The thing I have noticed about technology is; the more useful and advanced it becomes the more we rely on it, the more we rely on it the more we are enslaved by it. Much of our technology is build on exploitation in terms of labour (which is usually low paid jobs in bad conditions sometimes even child labour is used) and materials (which are stolen or bought for a very small fraction of its potential value again many victims are children.) Many people from poorer nations are currently paying the price for our reliance of technology but not just our reliance of technology but also our obsession with shit gadgets and gimmicks.

We are also paying a price for our reliance of technology, the price is not are severe as the price the people from the exploited nations are paying but it could and almost definitely will one day led to something pretty bad. The better technology becomes the more we are expected to do, we are already monitored, data-based and marketed too. They know our names, the names of our friends and families, where we live, what we watch, what we believe. They know your address, phone number, email, who you are messaging and what you buy, how much you get paid and how much you spend.

Where is that going to led? Cash could in the not to distant future be made obsolete and replaced by computerized money, this would make every transaction traceable but more disturbing is the fact it could potentially led to “activists, terrorists, criminals” and whoever else pisses the establishment off being victimized unfairly by authority figures and businesses.


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