Signs of the Illuminati? Is a video that YouTube do not seem very keen on! I first posted the video about 3 years ago but YouTube blocked it due to copyright, there main excuse is a 3 minute clip of the Lady Gaga video Alejandro. I used the clip to show what corporate music has become, as the video shows Lady Gaga and many other dancers, dancing in a way that only after midnight TV would be allowed to show. Using the small 3 minute clip in a 2 hour video has led to YouTube blocking the video world wide and also refusing to pay me for the views received so far. I removed the first upload due to a copyright strike and inserted a fair use in copyright disclaimer and added it again. Again UMG tried to remove the video based on the Lady Gaga clip I disputed the claim and won! The video had over 400000 views, until the other day when Google removed it, for a claim I had already disputed and won, this time I disputed and lost! And I can not dispute it again as YouTube will not allow it.

Now it starts to get strange, because despite YouTube blocking the video world wide and refusing to pay me for the video, the video still actually plays! But only if you can find it which is not easy because Google have removed the video from all Google and YouTube search results! Although a version of it uploaded to a different channel is still on the YouTube search results. (at least in my location)

The video below is according to YouTube blocked world wide.

signs of illuminati censored

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