When you are a “conspiracy theorist” like some people would say I am, although I prefer the term freethinker but you can call me a conspiracy theorist, you can call me a bullshitting prick if you like, I really do not give a fuck what you call me, but as I was saying when you are a “conspiracy theorist” or someone that thinks outside the box, some people get offended when they are subjected to listening alternative beliefs. One thing I have noticed many British people getvery offended by is criticism of the Royal family! Even some so called “anti-royalists” and some “conspiracy theorists” get offended when real criticism of the Royal Family begins.

How have this scrounging, corrupt, greedy family managed to convince so many people in the United Kingdom that they are so worthy of the privileges and riches that they inherit? I do not hate the Royals as people, but a system that allows such greed and extravagance in the name of “tradition,” and “tourism” is a very strange system but its what we have in the United Kingdom. Despite the greed and ridiculous luxury the Royals live in at the expense of the taxpayer, the majority of the British public over look them and call people on disability allowance “scroungers.”


When discussing my beliefs in the past, I have on many occasions been shocked by the reaction I get when I say what I believe about the Royal Family. I am not saying they are Reptilian Shapeshifters, Satanists or given a divine right to rule (like pro Royalists believe) all I am saying is, one family should not be given the power or the money that this family have, especially when there are people in the world starving and over one million food bank users in the UK, but most of those people are benefit scroungers of course.

Why do so many British people (young and old) get so upset and even angry when confronted with criticism of the Royal family? I believe there is one reason for this and that is……….they must be brainwashed, the years of thought control at school and the one sided propaganda we call the news have actually turned a huge amount of people in to brain dead, unthinking Zombies! These brain dead zombies hate the poor, the sick and immigrants and as for poor sick immigrants well they can fuck off but the Royals are worshiped as God like beings.





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