The Great British public never fail to amaze me with their ignorance and hypocrisy, we live in a strange nation, the people are so easily led and controlled. We criticize foreign nations for war crimes when we and our allies are consistently fighting wars all over the world. The British public and the average British citizen annoy me, they are in most cases completely ignorant to the facts and when facts are stated they either dismiss them as “conspiracy theories” or even worse they attempt to justify our own governments war crimes. The British public overlook oil wars, the exploitation of the third world, the greed of exploitative corporations and the negative impact that our lifestyles have on many people in many poor nations.

The sad truth is the British people are not interested in politics, it is much less complicated to believe the liars and the lies than actually seek whats true and the average British person is preoccupied, they are busy raising children, working and their favorite pass time of all watching TV! Newspapers give them “the news” which usually consists of who is fucking who in the sick world of celebrities and TV gives them their entertainment and a slightly more serous version of the news, still propaganda filled rubbish but sensible propaganda filled rubbish. The average British simpleton laps this shit up and anyone that thinks otherwise is wrong! Somewhere between watching the soaps and listening to Sam Smith, Olly Murs and the other shit that we in Britain call music, the average British citizen seem to think they have been given the power of knowledge through their TV, education system (repeating what you are told and being obedient) and media, I believe they are being fed a huge load of bullshit and distractions and they are lapping it up.

The British public turn on individuals, religions and nations based on a mix of lies, the truth (when it suits them) and propaganda. The British people seem to like things simple “bad” vs “good”, its usually more like bad vs even worse. The British people should consider a few facts.

Fact One, The governments of Britain and USA and Europe are responsible for much more wars, greed, corruption and murder in the last 100 years then any government from the Middle East or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Fact Two. Its our lifestyles that have a negative impact on poor nations not the other way round.

Fact Three. You, the British public are usually lame brained, ignorant, TV and celebrity obsessed, idiots.

No offence.

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